10 Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night: Tip 4. Teach Your Baby the Difference Between Daytime and Nighttime (4 0f 10)

04. Teach Your Baby the Difference Between Daytime and Nighttime

Like establishing bedtime and morning rituals, there are other effective methods of reinforcing the concepts of nighttime and daytime. Once a baby learns that nighttime is for sleeping, they will sleep more easily, so it is very important that they learn as soon as possible.

During the Day:

Light helps regulate babies’ circadian rhythm, so it is important to allow plenty of sunlight into the home, and to make sure that the home is otherwise bright and well lit. Daytime naps, unlike the nighttime sleep, should take place in a well-lit room.

During the day when your baby is not napping, interact with them as much as possible. Be playful and speak in regular voices compared to nighttime when you should begin hushing your voices to signal the ending day.

Experts say that babies can be encouraged to sleep more soundly at night if they are fed well and regularly throughout the day.

During the Night:

To encourage sleepiness at night, install dimmer switches into common rooms and the bedroom. Two hours before bedtime – perhaps at the start of the bedtime ritual, dim lights in any rooms where your baby will spend time.

If your child wakes in the night, be sure not to turn on lights, or bring your baby into a well-lit room. The light change will confuse them into thinking it’s time to wake and be active. Keep lights, noise and interaction low to keep your baby sleepy.

If your baby wakes before morning, check to see if early morning sunlight is the cause by installing drapes or dark shades.

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