10 Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night: Tip 6. Make Sure Your Baby’s Room is the Correct Temperature

06. Make Sure Your Baby’s Room is the Correct Temperature

The optimal temperature is different for every baby, but the recommended range is between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. That said, if you find your infant’s feet or hands are cold to the touch – or if they are sweaty when they wake, you should adjust accordingly.  If you are using a fan for white noise, be sure that it does not blow directly onto your baby, and that their crib or bassinet is far from any windows.

In cold weather, you must overdress your baby, as blankets should not be used for infants under 1 year old, as the use of blankets, quilts and comforters has been linked with Sudden Infant death Syndrome (SIDS).

When pajamas are not warm enough, consider a swaddling blanket or a sleep sack. These are safe for babies, and offer additional warmth. Don’t jump to the conclusion that your baby dislikes being swaddled just because they struggle when being wrapped. Babies are not even aware of their arms and legs, and the containment of their limbs will actually help them feel more secure and sleep more easily.

Tip: If the crib or bassinet is cold to the touch, to avoid the jarring sensation of a cold sheet, consider using a hot-water pad to warm the babies’ sheets about 15 minutes prior to bedtime. Be sure to remove the pad before you lie the baby to sleep in their nice warm bed!

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