10 Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night: Tip 7. Use Appropriate Bedding in your Crib or Bassinet

07. Use Appropriate Bedding in your Crib or Bassinet

Here are some tips to help you find the best baby bedding:

— Choose soft, breathable, and (most importantly) machine-washable fabric, like knit cotton, or flannel.

— In addition to the sheet already on your baby’s crib, have at least one extra crib sheet clean and ready to go at all times.

— Buy a fitted crib sheet with Velcro or elastic straps that attach under the mattress to keep the sheet taut. This will prevent bunching, which can be a smothering hazard to your baby.

— Use a plastic mattress cover on your baby’s mattress. It will reduce clean-up time by protecting the baby’s mattress from spills and messes.

— Purchase bedding separates instead of bedding sets. Many experts suspect that the blankets and crib bumper pads included in many bedding sets could be choking hazards.

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