10 Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night: Tip 10. Limit Nighttime Diaper Changes

10. Limit Nighttime Diaper Changes

While it can be difficult to resist the urge to regularly change your baby when they wake in the night, experts say you should let them continue sleeping whenever possible. The interaction will needlessly stimulate your infant, which combined with bedroom lights and being wiped with cold, wet towels can rouse your baby enough to make getting back to sleep difficult.

Instead, invest in quality nighttime diapers and change your baby only if their diaper is soiled. If you must wake your baby for a nighttime diaper change do not turn on unnecessary lights, don’t talk, and use a warm washcloth for wipes.

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To Recap:

01. Start a routine leading up to bedtime.
02. Establish a set bedtime and wake time to set your baby’s daily clock.
03. Encourage your child to fall asleep independently.
04. Teach your baby the difference between day and night.
05. Use “White Noise” and other soothing sounds.
06. Regulate the temperature in your baby’s room.
07. Use simple, soft, washable crib bedding.
08. Stop your caffeine intake (if you are breastfeeding).
09. Cut your tie to the baby monitor.
10. Relax the rules on changing diaper at night.

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