10 Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep: Tip 1. Create a Bedtime Routine


Is your baby having trouble going to sleep? Does your baby frequently wake in the night? Here are our top ten tricks to help your baby sleep through the night:

01. Create a Bedtime Routine

By establishing a bedtime ritual as soon as possible, you are giving your baby something they need and crave. Predictability is inherently comforting to infants and they crave routine. The consistency of a daily bedtime ritual will relax your baby, increasing the likelihood that they’ll fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer – plus it’s a great bonding experience for parents!

Anything you do with regularity works for a bedtime ritual. The important part of the ritual is sticking to it – even when you’re away from home. Keeping the routine the same makes your baby more inclined to be comfortable in strange new places.

Try a combination of any 3 or more of these soothing activities, or come up with your own:

— Bath
— Pajamas
— Story
— Lullaby
— Kiss Goodnight
— Massage
— Feeding
— Rocking
— Soft Towel Wrap
— Sleeptime only Stuffed Animal

As much of your ritual as possible should take place in your baby’s sleep environment. Obviously, you can’t bathe them in their bedroom, but try to read a book, put on pajamas, or feed them their last bottle in their bedroom. This way, their crib or bassinet will feel less like a nighttime prison because they’ll associate their bedroom with good feelings. Take care to begin your ritual early enough in the evening that you don’t have to rush through it.

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