10 Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night: Tip 2. Reinforce a Specific Bedtime and Wake Time

02. Reinforce a Specific Bedtime and Wake Time


Experts say that by the time your baby is four weeks old, you should consider setting a bedtime and sticking with it. Babies have an internal clock that can be set by repetition. Keeping a specific bedtime will he

The particular time that you choose for bedtime should complement your own schedule. It is not the time, but the regularity that matters most.

Wake Time:

Once you’ve set a bedtime, you should also wake your baby in the morning to help reinforce this internal clock (circadian rhythm). Both you and your infant will benefit from enforcing a regular wake/sleep schedule, supplemented by many naps during the day.

Like a bedtime routine, upon awakening you and your baby will benefit from the predictability of a regular morning routine. Consider the following – or find your own activities:

— Cuddling
— Feeding
— Reading
— Playing
— Bathing
— Walking
— Driving

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