Are antibacterial products safe for my baby?

Antibacterial products and your baby:

Time and time again, doubts and questions have been raised regarding the safety of antibacterial and antimicrobial products for babies, toddlers and children. The widespread scientific assertion is that these products kill bacteria and help prevent infection. This is undoubtedly true when it comes to hospital and industrial use. However, certain studies conclude that some antibacterial agents such as soap, cleansers, baby wipes, hand sanitizers and cleaning products may contain chemicals and toxic substances that can be harmful to higher living things, especially to vulnerable newborns who are just developing their immune system. Not only that, regular use of these products also help viruses and bacteria develop their resistance and as a result, make them stronger and more potent.

This poses a problem for moms everywhere. How can we protect our infants from germs and microbes without exposing them to harmful chemicals and weakening their immune system?

Silver: The Non-Toxic Antimicrobial

Silver has long been given great value, especially in the world of trade and romance. But do you know that silver is also held in high esteem in the field of medicine?

Silver’s clinical properties effectively kill not only bacteria but also germs, fungi, parasites, viruses and a ton of other microbes as well. In fact, the capabilities of silver are almost limitless in that it can actually render stored drinking water potable in a long span of time and that it is powerful enough to destroy even septic bacteria. The good news is that silver is naturally occurring in nature and has no toxic effects on higher organisms such as humans. More importantly, silver has also been known to increase the count of white blood cells, which strengthens a person’s immune system.

Argent 47 Antimicrobial Silver Yarn

Bye Bye Bacteria Corp. brings you closer to experiencing the antimicrobial properties of silver by using Argent 47™ Silver Yarn in its line of baby products such as sheets, towels, mats, and changing pads.

All Bye Bye Bacteria’s products are designed for use with your baby and are naturally antimicrobial without sacrificing comfort and luxurious softness. Not only does the silver  in these products kill bacteria on the products, it also prevents them from coming back and eliminates the odor that they produce.

It’s time to stop whipping out those baby wipes and let Mother Nature do her work. Bye Bye Bacteria has already done all the manual labor by harnessing the protective power of silver into your baby’s everyday essentials like sheets and changing pads. All you have to do now is to give your babies the non-toxic and healthy protection that they need.

To learn more about the difference between antibacterial and antimicrobial, click here.

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