How to Protect your Baby from Germs: 4. Protect your baby from Airborne Germs

To Protect Your Baby from Germs Transmitted by Airborne Contact:

Airborne contact occurs when germs are breathed in from the air. The air inside your house is likely much more polluted than the air outside.

We’ve all heard or used the expression, “stale air.” Indoors, the volume of air is limited and anytime you or your family talks, laughs, coughs, sneezes or flushes a toilet, new germs are expelled and subsequently trapped in the enclosed environment of your house.

Fresh Air: The best defense against airborne germs is fresh air and sunlight. By opening your home to fresh air you allow airborne germs to circulate, and eventually disperse, into the fresh new air.

By letting sunlight into your home you are tapping into earth’s natural disinfectant – the sun. High-intensity UV light, such as sunlight, kills many germs upon contact.

Vaccinations: There are vaccinations that help protect your baby from germs that are in the air. Be sure to keep up with your baby’s vaccination schedule as per your doctor.

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