How to Protect your Baby from Germs: 5. Protect your baby from Ingesting Germs

To Protect Your Baby from Germs Transmitted by Ingestion:

Ingestion of germs occurs when contaminated food or beverages are eaten or imbibed.

Breastfeeding: Make sure to eat healthily if you are breastfeeding. Eating foods like vegetables, fruits and lean meats will boost your baby’s immunity via the antibodies passed along in your milk.

Unfinished Food: Be safe when dealing with unfinished formula, or jars of food – and always use newly-washed silverware for feedings.

A baby’s saliva backwashed into a bottle, or spittle left behind on uneaten food can promote bacterial contamination. If you wish to divide a portion for later use, do so before the feeding instead of after.


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