Letter from CEO

Dear valued customer,

In 2011, I founded Bye Bye Bacteria Corp., and launched our line of baby products shortly after my granddaughter was born. The parent company was already making antimicrobial silver textile products for the healthcare markets, so we modified the fabric to have the softest "plushy-plush" feel possible, designed “smart” baby products and backed all of the products with an Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee.

Our products have been hugely successful and in October 2012, we branded our baby line as “Cuddle Smart.” The same great antimicrobial products with a new name to fit!

Here at Cuddle Smart, we know how important comfort and protection is to your newborn baby. Take the time to learn about silver’s natural antimicrobial properties for fighting bacteria, mildew, fungus and its inherent thermal regulating properties that can help comfort your baby. Try our antimicrobial baby products and I guarantee you will agree that Cuddle Smart is "smart textiles for smart parents."

Jeffrey C. Tauber Founder, CEO