New Moms at Risk for Bacteria

It’s a scary world out there. Two cases of flesh eating bacteria have been reported recently in South Carolina.

The most recent case affects a new mom of twins. No one knows exactly how she contracted the disease but it is most commonly spread through open wounds or cuts – from bacteria which often lives on our bodies such as: Staphyloccus Aureus, Streptoccus Pyogenes and Aeromonas Hydrophila.

For more information about the SC case, please see the article at USA Today.

Women can be vulnerable to infection immediately after having a baby. The stress of childbirth can bring on infections of the endometrium (otherwise know as endometritis), breast or urinary tract. Childbirth wounds and incisions can also pose added risk.

One in 20 nursing moms suffer from mastitis which is a breast infection caused by cracked nipples. It can also affect non-nursing moms if their milk ducts become engorged.

Other infections can occur at the incision site of a c-section delivery or from an episiotomy in a vaginal birth. Urinary tract infections are possible if you had a catheter inserted during the birthing process.

Once you’ve brought your baby safely into the world, be sure to maintain your own health and well-being. Follow doctors’ postpartum advice and remember to nurture yourself while nurturing your own little bundle or bundles of joy.

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